Комунальний заклад дошкільної освіти №80 м.Кривий Ріг


Календар свят і подій. Листівки, вітання та побажання Погода в Україні

Methodic Work


   One of the key aspects of technical work aimed at pre-school study and implementation in practice of the teaching staff of the theory and methodology of training and education, Ukrainian, family and ethnopedagogics, achievements of modern pedagogy, mastery of modern methodology, enriching experience progressive educators new methods and ways of teaching and education, introduction of new theoretical developments, good practices, modern teaching technology.

   Planning organized employment of children is carried out by the basic program "I am in the world" that allows you to create space for the creative use of various technologies of display creativity and flexibility in approach to the child. Referrals work on this program makes it possible to build a developmental preschool children living space with the opening of a child in the world of unity and diversity - Nature, Culture, People, own "self."