Комунальний заклад дошкільної освіти №80 м.Кривий Ріг


Календар свят і подій. Листівки, вітання та побажання Погода в Україні



June 1, 1980 opened its doors to pre-school № 80 "Olympian." It was built by the "Sunrise" for the time director Ivan Mamonova Zhukovsky.

      This is a memorable year, as in Moscow, lit a fire of the XXII Olympic Games. In honor of this event, our garden was called "Olympian." Kindergarten, built on a standard project, designed for 110 children's beds. 


     In the garden there are 6 groups:

   2 groups for children preschool age;

 4 groups for preschool children. 

   In 1995 the charter was approved as a preschool with artistic and aesthetic, human and physical profile.

 holiday opening institutions 1 June 1980                     holiday 1 May 1981

                                                 " Вечорниці" 1989 year